AI Explained

This TechCrunch video explains AI and makes reference to my book “In Our Own Image“.




The Chinese edition of “In Our Own Image”

Today I received copies of the Chinese Edition of my book “In Our Own Image: the history and future of Artificial Intelligence” sent by my Chinese publisher China Citic Press.


To celebrate the arrival of the books a good friend send me this, in Chinese: 正如中国有一句讲到:要想富先修路 – it means (I m told) that “everything happens for a reason”, a Chinese saying. I hope there is truth to this saying, for I am ever so curious to learn and understand as much as I can about China, and how this great country is reclaiming its rightful place in the world…

The impact of AI on work

This is my full deck on ideas about the future of work as the fourth industrial revolution changes the economic and social landscape.