Short stories

The day America disappeared” is a collection of short stories.

A TV celebrity joins forces with a religious cult leader to change Earth’s climate; (read it here);

America disappears and the world takes no notice;

Two children discover the meaning of friendship through the strange inventions of a visitor from Venus; (read it here)

A musician learns the sound of love from a lost desert tribe;

A Black Hole mingles up time and history in Athens;

A young journalist falls in love with a super hero;

In a magical city of the Tropics two very unlikely lovers come together;

An advertising executive conspires against his business partner for the sake of a woman, and makes a strange bet;

A Persian alchemist in Samarkand attempts to calculate the larger number possible, while the Mongols advance;

A distant descendant of the writer takes part in a dangerous game, and discovers literature;

A passing angel steals the dream of the last person on Earth;

Greece: Kedros (2002)