My non-fiction work:

The Mystery of Mind: how the brain evokes consciousness. A book exploring how neuroscience and systems theory can provide a theoretical framework for understanding the phenomenon of consciousness. (Ellinika Grammata, 2001)

In Our Own Image: the History and Future of Artificial Intelligence. A book that seeks to trace our instinctive fascination with “intelligent artefacts”, such as robots, through myth, history and literature; and argue that the emergence of computer science and Artificial Intelligence is embedded in the philosophical tension between form and matter. As such, the dominant notions, fears and expectations, on AI are guided less by rational argument and more by subconscious cultural drivers. (Rider Books, 2015 in UK; USA (Pegasus Books), Japan (NIkkei Business Publications), S. Korea Real Bookers) and China (China Citic Press).

A collection of my articles published in various media.