Forthcoming events


Previous events 2018 – 2020

December 5, 2020. Presenting “Cyber Republic” to the London Futurists.

November 29, 2020. Presenting “Cyber Republic” at the Conway Hall Ethical Society.

November 5, 2020. Big Data Analytics 2020: keynote on the impact of AI in the workplace.

October 29, 2020 Stavros Niarchos Foundation Dialogues: on the future of work, in conversation with Nobel Laureate in Economics Christopher Pissaridis.

October 26, 2020 Blockchain Revolution Global 2020: on the future of government and politics.

September 23, 2020, Keynote speaker at Applied Machine Learning and AI Conference, in London.

June 11, 2020, Participating as a panelist on Future of Work, UBI, AI & the jobs of tomorrow, organized by the London School of Economics Alumni Association. (on line only).

June 4, 2020, Giving the lecture on AI Leaders Lunchtime Lectures of Tech UK. My talk will be on Data Trusts and data property rights. (on line only).

May 5-6, 2020, Speaker at Future Workplace Summit, in London.

March 24, 2020, Speaker at AI World Congress, in London.

March 12, 2020, Keynote speaker at Big Data World & AI Summit, in London.

March 4, 2020, Keynote speaker at Recruitment 4.0 Summit, in London.

June 12, 2019. Keynote speaker at the AI Summit in London.


Speaking on citizen assemblies and the future of democracy, at TEDx Thessaloniki, on May 11, 2019

May 11, 2019. Speaker at TEDx Thessaloniki.

April 25, 2019. Keynote speaker at AI Expo conference in London.

April 24, 2019. Keynote speaker at An{0}ther {AI} in Art Summit in New York.

March 12-13, 2019. Keynote Speaker at  Big Data World conference in London.

January 26, 2019. Keynote Speaker at Warwick Congress, at Warwick University.


December 4-5, 2018. Keynote Speaker at Fantastic Features conference at the National Library of Norway, in Oslo.

November 27, 2018. Speaker at WorkTech18 Conference, in London.

September 13, 2018. Speaker at AI, IoT and Blockchain Conference, in Reading.


Addressing the Huawei Global ICT Conference in Milan, May 10, 2018

June 21, 2018. Speaker at the 64th International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions, in Cannes

June 14-15, 2018. Curator and facilitator of scaling agile masterclass at Beyond HR Conference, in Amsterdam.

June 13, 2018. Speaker at AI Summit, in London.

AI Summit London 2018

Talking about AI enabling a new kind of agile organisation where humans and machines can scale productivity and creativity.

June 11, 2018. Speaker at Alternative Tech Innovation Leaders Summit, in Windsor.

April 24, 2018. Speaker at Work 2.0 conference, in London.

April 18, 2018. Speaker at the AI Global Expo, in London.

March 22, 2018. Speaker at the Big Data World, in London.

Previous events – 2017

December 13, 2017. Panelist at the Digital Ethics Summit, in London, organized by TechUK.


Discussing AI Ethics at the Digital Ethics Summit, December 13, 2017.

December 11-12, 2017, Keynote speaker at Telegraph’s Digital Enterprise Network Conference, in London.


Discussing the impact of AI at the Digital Enterprise Network conference (December 11-12, 2017)

November 23, 2017. Keynote speaker at the AI and Employee Engagement Director’s Forum, The Shard, London. (By invitation only)

October 21, 2017. Speaker at the Cambridge University Festival of Ideas, Cambridge on “Can politics keep up with technology?”

October 5, 2017. Keynote speaker at the International Treasury and Cash Management Conference, in Barcelona.

September 22, 2017. Keynote speaker at the UK-China AI Summit, in London.


Keynote speaker at the UK-China AI Summit, September 22, 2017.

September 12, 2017. Keynote speaker at the Ignite Summit: The Connected Society, in London.

July 6-7, 2017. Keynote speaker at Beyond HR Forum, in Amsterdam. Click here for more info.

Wednesday 15 June 2017. Keynote Speaker and London Tech Week, in London.Click here for more info, and my article on how AI can transform financial services.

May 9-10, 2017. Keynote Speaker at the AI Summit, in London. Click here for more info; and here for my interview in AI Business, where I discuss the main challenges that businesses face in adopting AI.

Tuesday 4 April, 2017. Speaker at South West London Humanists – “intelligent machines and ethical humans”. Click here for info.

Wednesday 29 March, 2017.Keynote Speaker at AI in Business Transformation Forum Directors meeting in London. Click here for more info. (by invitation only)

Tuesday 21 March, 2017.Keynote Speaker at How AI will affect business conference, in Athens. Click here for more info.

Saturday 11 February, 2017. Joining the panel debate on “will AI outsmart us?” on Mathscon at Imperial College, London. Click here for info and tickets.

Previous events – 2016

Thursday 1 December, 2016: Speaker at the RPA & Artificial Intelligence Summit, London, UK. Click here for more info.

Thursday 29 September, 2016: Keynote speaker at AI Summit in San Francisco, USA. Click here for more info.

Thursday 15 September, 2016: Keynote speaker at Social Robotics & AI conference in Oxford, UK. Click here for more info

Saturday 11 June, 2016: Keynote Speaker at the British Humanist Association Annual Conference, Birmingham, UK. Click here for more info.

Friday 10 June, 2016: Panelist at Cheltenham Science Festival, Cheltenham, UK. Click here for more info.

Thursday 19 May, 2016: Keynote Speaker at IP EXPO, Manchester, UK. Click here for more info.

Thursday 5 May, 2016 : Keynote Speaker at the AI Summit, London, UK. Click here for more info. Read my interview about how AI will impact business.