How to design “digital nudges”

With one of my clients I experimented with ideas from the 2008 book by Richard H. Thaler and Cass R. Sunstein “Nudge”. My client was a B2B company active in internet radio technology and selling its product mostly through its website as SaaS. Their challenges were many, including the complexity of the product which made the buying decision difficult .

I therefore created a “digital nudge” through a structured questionnaire that helped potential customers understand which product plan would suite better their needs and level of experience.

This presentation explains my approach, the nudge, and lists the results of the experiment.

Digital transformation: what is it, and how to do it

What is “digital transformation”, and how to execute it for success? This deck explains how the success of internet startups to disrupt markets, together with four major technological drivers (big data & analytics, social & mobile, crowdsourcing & crowdfunding, and smart devices) are ushering a new era of information technology where operations are disrupted by new digital business models.

Fortune 500 companies are following up, as for example Starbucks that transforms customer engagement in its shops through mobile. Or Monsanto that revolutionizes planting with FieldScripts.

The deck suggests a 4 step approach to digital transformation, following best practices from lean startup methodology and DevOps.

Reinventing the business in the age of digital

This deck explains how a business integration approach can be applied in the era of digital transformation. Twenty years ago I used to apply the same approach in business re-engineering, with clients in several industries who wanted to automate their processes. At that time the challenge was to increase productivity by linking together information that existed in several “information silos” of a business (e.g. accounts, logistics, factory shop-floor, etc.). Nowadays, in the age of digital media. mobile, embedded intelligence and social networks, the challenge is of a different kind: reinventing customer experience, redesigning operations and, ultimately, reinventing the business model. In my deck I argue that the same methodology – i.e. strategy-technology-processes-people – can be applied.