Dimitri is a photographer who lives with Christina, a public servant. They are trying to have a baby following the advise of doctors and embryologists. Christina has a sister named Phaedra, a language teacher; she has divorced her husband Vassili – a career lawyer who enjoys the limelight of a social life – and with whom they have a little boy. One day Dimitri invites an old school friend of his, Petro,  for dinner at home, in order to hook him up with Phaedra. However it is Christina who will ultimately fall for Petros and so set off a drama which will bring forth all the fears, sexual fantasies and dreams, that live in the souls of the three main personas in the play.
Staged on January 2007 at Alekton Theatre, Athens, during “Theatrico Analogio 2007” ; directed by Olga Pozeli