About me

I am a writer, science communicator, Artificial Intelligence engineer and digital innovation professional.

I have loved story-telling ever since I was little and my father wooed me with tales from his mythical childhood in the Peloponnese: how he wrestled with monster snakes that spoke human, moustachioed giants and seductive water nymphs. I believed every word he said.

At school I read comics and science fiction books too numerous to mention. In my early 20s I went on to read almost every beatnik author whose books I could lay my hands on. From that early reading period of my reading life I retain two authors that still inspire me: Phillip K. Dick and William Burroughs.

I am grateful to my schooling for teaching me to read and comprehend ancient Greek. Homer and Euripides are my favourites. From Modern Greek writers the Alexandrian poet Cavafy and the Cretan novelist Nikos Kazantzakis are closest to my literary obsessions.  But the two masters who shaped my style and narrative direction come from Latin America: Marquez and Borges, mis dos compañeros de armas.

The human brain has always fascinated me, and when I was 21 I decided to follow up with a PhD in Artificial Intelligence. I remain a student of mind philosophers and neuroscientists ever since, and for a while I dabbled in research beyond my doctorate, applying ideas from cybernetics in the study of consciousness. I have changed my mind several times with regards to the nature of consciousness, whether it could ever be replicated in a non-biological artefact, and what would such a technology mean for the future of human civilisation: I have somewhat settled in my beliefs, and have written a book about Artificial intelligence and the feasibility for artificial consciousness (“In Our Own Image”, Rider Books 2015). I am now busy writing a new, non-fiction, book on how technology could shape the political landscape of the 21st century.

I live in London and blog regularly on AI, cryptonetworks and the 4th Industrial Revolution.